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Non Asbestos Welding Blanket

Non Asbestos Welding Blankets are fire proof tarpaulins, they are also known as Removable Insulation Covers. They are used for safety purpose to prevent machines from fire, they are made up of different material used for heat protection and thermal insulation. We offer a series of Non Asbestos Welding Blanket that are a perfect replacement for asbestos material which will not deteriorate, burn and offer resistance against acids. They are suitable in industries where job is done in extreme temperature variant conditions. They also used as a protector for employees from any kind of fire or welding activities. For easy usage, the blankets are stored in vertical quick-release lockers so that they can instantly pulled out and muffled up around the individual who is on fire.


  • The welding blanket can be customized as per the requirement
  • They prevent people or things from radiant heat in high temperature area such as boiler or furnace.
  • Environment friendly and made with quality fabric
  • Used mostly in welding work

Welding Blanket

Welding Blanket are used in several industries to provide protection from spatter, sparks, slags produced due to metal cutting or welding processes. Major industries such as shipbuilding, automotive, engineering, construction, oil mills, chemical firms require them on priority basis for safety concern of the employees and important goods. Performance of the blanket is depicted on the basis of various factors such as thickness, heaviness and fire retardant fabric such as fiberglass, ceramic fiber, coated fiberglass or asbestos cloth. These materials have good endurance property against variant temperature conditions that might range up to 5000C to 11000C. Customization of the welding blankets is possible depending upon the applications.


  • Used as insulation lining to offer protection to sensitive machines
  • Made up of flexible fabric which can be easily wrap around the person or object.
  • They are composed of heat resistant fabric such as ceramic, fiberglass loom state or asbestos
  • The blankets can be customized in different thickness and weight on the basis of job.

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