Fiberglass Cloth
Fiberglass Clothes are used as pipe wrapping material, cover for flanges, for turbine blankets etc. Aluminum glass coated version of these products can endure maximum 3000 degree F temperature. These have high tensile strength.
Coated Glass Fabrics
This range of Coated Glass Fabrics can be availed in different specifications. These are flame proof and abrasion protected. High strength, long lasting quality, reasonable price and environment friendly quality are the key aspects of these fabrics.
Fiberglass Filter Fabric
This range of Fiberglass Filter Fabrics is totally protected against high temperature and acid. Silicon graphite PTFE made version of these fabrics can endure 260 degree C temperature. These are water proof and have high strength.
Silcone Glass Fabric for Expansion Joints
Silicone Glass Fabric for Expansion Joints are used for developing gasket and hose pipe. These are tear and wear proof and have good dielectric strength. Elastomer coated version of these joints is suitable for wind generator and high voltage transformer application purpose.
PTFE Glass Fabric Adhesive Tapes
PTFE Glass Fabric Adhesive Tapes have maximum 1500 mm width and their weight is up to 1450 gm/m2. These are chemically inert and have unique tensile strength. These adhesive items can be used at different temperature ranges.
Fiberglass Adhesive Tape
Fiberglass Adhesive Tapes are reckoned for their unique high temperature resistant attributes, waterproof design and flame protection capacity. These insulation tapes are used for repairing drywall and cracks on wall surface.
PTFE Coated Glass Cloth
PTFE Coated Glass Clothes are reckoned for their smooth surface. These are used for heat sealing and screen printing purpose. High temperature proof design, non-stick surface and chemical proof design are the key aspects of these clothes.
Mesh Conveyor Belts
High strength Mesh Conveyor Belts are suitable for transferring heavy load. These can endure mechanical stress. Application of these industrial belts can be noticed in foundries, heat treatment and also in food processing arena.
Dryer Conveyor Belts
This range of Dryer Conveyor Belts has been developed as per industry specified norms. Smooth operation, low maintenance design, non sticky surface, low maintenance design, reasonable price and high durability are the key aspects of these belts.
Fibreglass Fabric & Mesh
Fiberglass Fabrics & Meshes are reckoned for their chemical and flame proof design. Offered products have unique electrical attributes, good anti-static nature and eco-friendly quality. We offer these items at reasonable price.
High Temperature Resistance Glass Fabric Adhesive
High Temperature Resistance Glass Fabric Adhesive tapes can be used at 260 degree C operating temperature. Approved by ISO, these adhesive products have fire proof design, excellent adhesiveness and reasonable price.

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